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For businesses, the holiday season represents the most lucrative period annually. However, it can also be stressful due to the increased workload. Initially, the solution might be hiring additional staff to cope with the demand. Yet, this may not be an ideal long-term solution, especially for seasonal peaks. A more effective approach is to employ individuals for specific periods of the year, commonly referred to as Seasonal Staffing.  

                                           WHY CONSIDER OUTSOURCING DURING THE HOLIDAYS?

  1. Outsourced workers or seasonal employees offer more than just assistance – they can significantly boost your sales during the holiday season.
  2. If you’re contemplating the need for additional staff but are uncertain about its impact, here are several ways they can enhance your earnings this season.

                                        ENSURES CONTINUOUS WORKFLOW

During the holiday season, many employees take leave, creating a challenge for companies to maintain regular operations. The reduced workforce during this busy period poses a significant challenge.

To address this issue, companies turn to seasonal staffing to ensure uninterrupted operations and sustained productivity. Outsourcing staff during this season helps meet the surge in workload and fills the positions of regular employees on leave.

When there is a sudden increase in orders, immediate processing becomes crucial. Staffing shortages often lead employees to focus solely on quantity, meeting customer demands, and neglecting quality. This rush can result in human errors and mistakes.

An ample workforce through outsourced seasonal staffing ensures that productivity and efficiency remain intact. Prioritising a continuous workflow by maintaining a complete workforce not only secures your revenue but also potentially enhances it.


Utilising outsourced seasonal staffing provides a dedicated team capable of handling various tasks, such as customer service, accounting, and data entry, ensuring seamless operations.

During the bustling holiday season, negative feedback about slow service can harm a company’s reputation. To mitigate this, outsourcing staff offers a valuable advantage – the opportunity to collaborate with experienced professionals skilled at expediting tasks.

Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat clients, fostering loyalty and encouraging them to return for future services.




Embracing outsourced workers as a solution to handle holiday pressure can open doors for your business to explore seasonal ventures. Your outsourcing team can research to identify effective marketing strategies that have the potential to boost your seasonal sales.

If the results are positive, you can incorporate these strategies permanently after the holidays, or they can become exclusive seasonal offerings for your customers to anticipate.


Now that we’ve explored the advantages of seasonal employment, here are some tips to navigate the holiday rush effectively.

  1. MAKE A STRATEGIC PLAN: Before opting for outsourced staff, assess your business needs. Evaluate if your existing workforce can manage the holiday demands efficiently. Planning is crucial to determine if outsourcing is the right choice and which tasks require additional support.
  2. IDENTIFY SEASONAL PEAKS: Recognize the specific periods when your business experiences peak demand. This understanding helps you schedule additional manpower effectively. Historical data and past experiences can aid in forecasting these peaks accurately.
  3. CHOOSE A RELIABLE PARTNER: When outsourcing, collaborate with Packleader Pacific, a company that can provide qualified and trained staff. For sensitive information tasks, we are PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO9001 and  ISO27001 certified.
  4. FOCUS ON CRITICAL AREAS: Assess each department’s needs and prioritise those with urgent requirements. Allocate seasonal staff where the demand is highest to maximise efficiency. Avoid unnecessary hiring in departments that do not experience significant workload increases


If you’re seeking assistance during the busy holiday season, consider outsourcing your work to alleviate the workload stress. At Packleader Pacific, we offer highly skilled seasonal staff to help you achieve your revenue goals. Contact us today to discuss how you can enjoy a profitable holiday season without the operational burden.

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